In compliance with the provisions of Law 34/2002, of July 11, Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce and Directive 2000/31 / EC, of ​​the European Parliament and of the Council, of June 8 , Regarding Certain Aspects of Information Society Services, the user is informed that this is the corporate website of TIMEMASTER SPAIN SL (hereinafter ” Balance Studio “), whose identification data is extracted below:


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These general conditions regulate the access and use of the various contents and services included or accessible through the website developed by Balance Studio , located at (hereinafter, the Website).


The users are those who have accessed the Balance Studio website . The access and use of the Website and any of its services attributes the condition of user and the unreserved acceptance of any class, of each and every one of the present general conditions as well as those other particular ones that, if applicable , govern the use of the Website or the services linked to it.

If the user decides not to accept all or part of these conditions, he / she must refrain from accessing the website and using its contents or services.


Navigating on our website, allowing your browser to accept “Cookies” or making use of mobile applications or other MasterClub software, confirms that you are interested in our products and / or services and that you are happy with our use of the “Cookies” and / or any other technology / s that we implement in our web / software / application. In this section we provide you with information about our “Cookies”, about the configuration of your browser and about the administration of cookies.

  • What are “Cookies”?

The “Cookies” are files that collect and store information when the user accesses a web page and that are downloaded to your computer in order to improve your browsing and provide information about it. The “Cookies” are stored in the user’s device and do not impair its operation.

  • Why do we use them?

The “Cookies” help to store information about the user’s navigation, thus offering a more agile and faster navigation, without the user having to provide data that he has previously provided and to study and analyze his way of navigating the web, with the In order to determine the necessary improvements to apply on the web. Our site may also have links to social networks (such as Facebook or Twitter). Since social networks are pages foreign to us, we do not control the cookies they use. For more information about cookies from social networks or other third-party websites, we advise you to review your own cookie policies.

  • What use do we give to “Cookies”?

We use “Cookies” to collect and remember information about the user’s browsing preferences, (eg: as the selected language, access data, personalization of our page, etc.). Also through the “Cookies” we register anonymous information about the use of our pages and other pages. (eg: from which page you have accessed our site, if you used an advertising “banner” to arrive, in which browser you are browsing, etc.).

Next we specify the types of “Cookies” that we use and the information obtained with each of them:

  • Analytical “Cookies” – In order to improve navigation on our website, we use these “Cookies” to analyze and collect statistical and anonymous information derived from the use of the page. eg: number of visitors to the web and its origin, the date and time of the visits, number of clicks on the different options on the page, search words used by the user, etc.
  • Functional “Cookies” – To facilitate the use on our website these “Cookies”, to make it more agile without the user than to repeat processes already performed in it, such as: search words, registration data, query data, etc. .
  • “Cookies” advertising – With the purpose of showing the users / visitors of our website advertising content, according to their interests and preferences, we can use these “Cookies” (own or third parties) and that will be shown on other pages.
  • “Technical cookies” – We use these “Cookies”, with the purpose of ensuring their correct operation of our website. These “Cookies” can be related to the user’s session, login, security elements, share content on social networks, response time, etc.

More information about “Cookies” …

If you wish, you can access the configuration of your browser and indicate that “Cookies” wants to accept and which ones do not. For more information about the configuration of the “Cookies” in the most common browsers use the following links:

Remember that if you reject, delete or disable some of the “Cookies”, you may encounter difficulties or inconveniences when browsing our website and when hiring our services and request information about them. In addition, we can not remember your preferences or the characteristics of your navigation or use, we can not offer personalized services and each time you visit our website you will have to authorize the use of “Cookies” again.

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4. USER Obligations.

By simply accessing the website or any of its linked services, the user agrees to use them diligently and correctly, in accordance with these conditions and in accordance with the law, morals and public order, and assumes, between others, the following obligations:

– Not use the contents and in particular the information obtained through the Website to send advertising, send messages for sale or for any other commercial purpose, or to collect or store personal data.

– Refrain from deleting the identification signs of the rights (of intellectual, industrial or any other property) of Balance Studio , of the companies of the Group of companies to which it belongs or of the third parties, that appear on the Website and in each of the various services offered through it.

– Likewise, the user must refrain from circumventing or manipulating any technical devices established by Balance Studio or by third parties, either on the Website, in any of the services or in any of the materials, elements or information obtained through it, for the protection of your rights.

– Not use or apply technical, logical or technological resources by virtue of which users may benefit, directly or indirectly, with or without profit, from the unauthorized exploitation of the contents or Services of the website.

– Do not enter, store or disseminate through the Website or through any of the services linked to it any computer program, data, viruses, code and in general, refrain from carrying out actions that, in any way, may damage, disable, overload or deteriorate the website, equipment, systems, networks, programs, data or information of Balance Studio , its suppliers, any user or, in general, any third party, or prevent normal use or enjoyment of the site web or the services linked to it.

– Respond for the damages that may be suffered by Balance Studio , the companies of the Group to which it belongs, its employees, suppliers, customers, other users and third parties in general, as a consequence of the breach of these conditions or of the particular ones that were application to the services linked to the website, obliging itself to hold Balance Studio , companies of the group to which it belongs, workers, customers and suppliers harmless against any claim, demand or sanction that could be formulated or imposed as a direct or indirect consequence of the aforementioned breach.


The user expressly acknowledges and accepts the ownership of Balance Studio on the intellectual and industrial property rights of the website and the elements that comprise it.

By way of purely enunciative, said ownership includes: the page itself, screens, the information and materials included therein, the structure, selection, arrangement and presentation of its contents, computer programs, messages, graphics, drawings, files of sound and / or image, photographs, recordings, computer programs (“Software”), databases, technology, computer equipment, know-how, brands, distinctive signs, logos, domain names and, in general, any kind of creation or material accessible through the website.

The user also recognizes and accepts the existence of industrial and intellectual property rights of third parties on part of the aforementioned elements, which he also undertakes to respect.

The sole use of the website, its contents and services that Balance Studio authorizes is the personnel of each of the users, without these being allowed to perform, directly or indirectly, a commercial exploitation of the services or the materials, elements and information obtained through them. Consequently, the user can only download the contents, copy or print any page of this Web for private use and, as long as this does not infringe the copyright or any other right ofBalance Studio . This authorization for private copying does not imply the granting of any license or exploitation right in favor of the user.

Unless expressly authorized by Balance Studio or, as the case may be, by third-party owners, the user may not reproduce, transform, modify, disassemble, reverse engineer, distribute, rent, lend, exhibit, transmit, retransmit, digitize, translate, adapt , make available or allow access to the public through any form of public communication of any of the elements referred to in the preceding paragraphs.


Through this website, Balance Studio collects personal data from those of its users or customers who agree to deliver them. For the purposes of Law 15/1999, on the Protection of Personal Data, we inform you that the personal data contained in this communication are included in an automated file whose responsible isTIMEMASTER SPAIN, SL If you wish to exercise the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition, please write to the address of 08009-Barcelona, ​​c / Girona 115, 1st floor or to the following email:

The delivery of the data to Balance Studio is completely voluntary, but if the user does not supply them, Balance Studio will not be able to provide those services for which said data is necessary.

Balance Studio is committed to fulfilling its obligation of secrecy of personal data and its duty to keep them safeguarded through security measures, technical and organizational, to ensure the safety of them, avoid their alteration, loss , deterioration, treatment or unauthorized access and the possible risks to which they may be exposed. For its part, the user undertakes to ensure that the information provided is accurate and to update it in the event of any modification.

Balance Studio will treat said data in order to maintain an adequate relationship with the client and / or user and provide these information and offers that, in the opinion of Balance Studio , may be of interest to users or customers.

Balance Studio may assign the data that users provide to companies of the Group of which it is a part, in order that these companies can offer their products.

For the purposes provided in the two preceding paragraphs, the user expressly consents to the fact that both Balance Studio and the companies that are part of the same Group, may send advertising or commercial communications by any means of communication, being expressly included electronic means of communication.

The user who submits their personal data to Balance Studio is consenting to the fact that they are collected, stored, processed and assigned in accordance with the provisions of these conditions, so any user who does not want their data to be treated as before Bliss should not enter them.


Balance Studio carries out all the necessary efforts to guarantee the availability and continuity of the Website as well as the services linked to it. However,Balance Studio can not guarantee that the Website and the services linked to it will work correctly at all times, that the user can access them and use them quickly, uninterrupted and free of errors. In the same way, Balance Studio does not grant any guarantee regarding the suitability and content of the Website or any of the services linked to it to meet the specific needs of the user.

Balance Studio will act diligently according to the general uses accepted in the sector to avoid the presence on the Website or any of the services linked to it of viruses or other harmful elements that could cause alterations in the user’s computer system, in their electronic documents or in its files, but can not guarantee the absence of such elements, not being responsible for the damages that this may cause.

Balance Studio does not control, nor does it own, nor does it guarantee the accuracy, quality, veracity, reliability or suitability of the information and services provided or provided by third parties through the Website. Similarly, does not control and does not guarantee the absence of viruses or other harmful elements in the content or services provided or provided by third parties through the Website.

Balance Studio does not guarantee the technical availability, quality, reliability, accuracy or veracity of the content and services available on sites belonging to or managed by third parties to which the user can access through technical linking devices ( links ) from the Website. Balance Studio does not control the content of these websites nor does it offer or market the products and services available on the linked websites, nor does it assume any responsibility for them.


Balance Studio only authorizes the establishment of hyperlinks to their websites when they are made in compliance with the conditions detailed below.

In the event that the user wishes to include a hyperlink to any of the Balance Studio websites on a website , said hyperlink may not give rise to any confusion regarding the absence of link between Balance Studio and the user, nor may it induce believe that any of the contents of the user’s website have been made by or have the approval or support of Balance Studio .

The web page where the hyperlink is established will not contain any brand name, trade name, logo or other signs of which is the owner of Balance Studio , except those that appear on the hyperlink itself.

The user must establish the hyperlink so that the Internet users who use it access and see the complete content and the configuration that the home page of theBalance Studio website has at all times , without said content, neither in everything nor in part, appear framed by the website in which the hyperlink is included or by any of its contents and without the content of the Balance Studio site being inserted, superimposed or appear in any way along with other contents, either information, advertising or any other type that are not those of the home page of Balance Studio . In this regard, framing operations or any other operation that prevents Internet users using the hyperlink from being able to view the Balance Studio website in the same conditions as any other user who had access to the website, would not be carried out. same directly.

The user will refrain from performing any action that could result in a diversion of traffic from the Balance Studio site . In particular, the user will refrain from entering, either as a metatag or otherwise in the source code of your website any keyword that identifies a content or product of Balance Studio and whose inclusion is not justified by the existence of content or similar user products.

The establishment of hyperlinks from websites that include content, links, advertising or any other material that could damage the image of Balance Studio , including, in particular, those materials: contrary to the Law, to public order or to the generally accepted customs; that infringe the rights of third parties;denigrating the products of Balance Studio or its competitors; sexual or violent; that promote any type of racial, sexual, religious, age or sexual orientation discrimination and any other content that at the discretion of Balance Studio is not compatible with the rights, image or interests of Balance Studio or the companies of the Group of which it forms part.

The Balance Studio website may contain links to other sites. Once the user has accessed these links and left the Balance Studio website , the latter will not have control over the site to which it is redirected and therefore will not be responsible for the terms or privacy or the protection of their data. in those other third sites. These sites are subject to their own privacy policies so it is advisable that the user check them to confirm that they agree with them.


With express resignation to its own jurisdiction Balance Studio and the users of the website submit any litigious issue that has arisen or that may arise to the Courts and Tribunals of Barcelona.