Alicia Linares

Alicia Linares

Alicia has dedicated her entire life to taking care of people. She started her professional career covering the most basic needs of her patients in a primary care center.

After her first experiences, she decided to specialize in the field of Physiotherapy, which allowed her to start offering more specific therapies to the people who requested her services.

Alicia had the luck and the opportunity to train in the Pilates method to complete her work as a physiotherapist. She has mentions that knowing such a complete method, changed her life, not only on a physical level.

“My great surprise was to see how in such a subtle, delicate and fun way a person could reconnect with himself practicing the Pilates Method, as well as understand and decongest his body, calm his mind, take a break and take it with him on his day to day as a great gift”.

The Pilates classes that we offer in Balance Studio with Alícia, always start with a smile and desire to have fun. We accompany you in that precious moment, in which mind, body and spirit meet again.

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