Lén Collado

Lén Collado


Born in Buenos Aires, in a home where sport was the common thread of the family.

In 2006 Len came to Spain to play field hockey in a club in Seville and when she began his independent life and start cooking and organizing her purchases she discovered her vocation: The Nutrition, so she traveled to Barcelona and began her nutrition studies and became a certified nutritionist.

Once she finished her studies, he decided to specialize in children’s nutrition and sports nutrition at the University of Barcelona.

She has worked as a nutritionist in catering for communities for the past 6 years, and also has her own clinic where she helps patients achieve their goals. She has also worked with various female grass hockey teams, enhancing the performance of the players.

Nowadays, she enjoys attending patients in Balance Studio, accompanying them on the way to achieve improvements in their diet, based on food re-education and teaching them new and better habits that can be carried out every day.

Affirms us: “You don’t have to do diets because they have an end date, better to have a healthy diet that lasts a lifetime”.

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