Lorena Alvarez

Lorena Alvarez


Lorena was born in Argentina and lives in Barcelona for the past 14 years. She is a certified trainer by Power Pilates, PMA and PWE. She has been teaching pilates in Barcelona since 2007 and previously worked in other countries as well, such as South Africa, Germany and Denmark where she enriched her knowledge and learnt new lines with ´Pilates Cph´ and in Copenhagen she had completed her yoga studies that allow her to do pilates classes more creative, complete and varied.

 Lorena is also a graduate in choreography and dance techniques from the higher conservatory of the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona and also dedicates her life to dance in various styles, teaching it and participates in differents related projects.

Affirms us: “After all these years teaching both private and group classes, I have realized that Pilates never fails. Among many other disciplines, it is one of the few that has the minimum risk of injury, maximum precision, incredibly beneficial results for health and a balanced supply of energy. It improves proprioception and as an instructor, the ability to read in each session what the body of each person needs.It amazes me to see the evolution of the students I work with and how in a short time the changes and well-being happen”.

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