Maria Belen

Maria Belen

Born in Argentina, she became interested in the art of movement from a very young age. In high school she studied dance and graduated art school with a modality in health and sports studies. On the age of 17 she finished her studies and became a licenced aerobics and fitness instructor and got her diploma in personal training and sports nutrition.

Fully dedicated to the study and training of the human body and its capabilities and inspired by one of her physical training teachers, she became familiar with the Pilates method, and understood that pilates was the answer to all her doubts and searches, leaving aside all conventional gymnastics…

“I complimented my passion for the movement with a pleasant and demanding training at the same time, PILATES had changed my way of seeing and feeling the body, it had transformed my training priorities by becoming more physically and emotionally intelligent and now I want to share it, and to allow to everyone to benefit from Pilates just like me, so from the age of 19 I have been dedicating myself to pilates training and to provide a complete and correct Pilates experience to each person I attend”.

In the last 8 years she lived in different parts of the world, from Argentina to Mexico, Spain and the US, absorbing experiences and participating in courses, enjoying the opportunity to practice different disciplines such as martial arts, different types of dance, body expression techniques, circus, acrobatics and oriental gymnastics such as tai-chi, yoga and meditation.

After gaining years of experience she realized that Pilates is not only an “hour of training” but a philosophy and way of life and a wonderful body technique designed to optimize any type of body, in any condition and of any age, today she can assure herself and those she attend, that PILATES IS THE REVOLUTION OF SMART TRAINING.

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