Talia Sharav

Talia Sharav

Talia has a master’s degree in arts and education. She began her professional career as a teacher of classical and contemporary ballet specializing in the GRAHM method.

In the sports world, she is also a teacher of Astanga Yoga and has specialized in sports work with women in the post-partum stage.

She arrived in Barcelona more than 12 years ago, and since her arrival she dedicated herself to the management of new technologies with her computer software company.

She was introduced with the Pilates method after having her second child, since he was a key player in her recovery after giving birth. From that moment, she decided to continue with this discipline until becoming a leading Pilates teacher who is dedicate to this method full time.

“As a business mother, I can assure you that time is the most expensive product out there and the Pilates method is so effective that it achieves incredible results in the shortest possible time and, today, is what makes the difference.

I feel lucky to be able to dedicate myself to what I like most and for that reason I have decided to set up the Balance Studio center with Pilates classes in Barcelona”.

In Balance Studio, we can enjoy the Pilates effect on people and see bodies and faces that change as the results become so evident.

We love seeing people happy and relaxed and this is how we see them after our Pilates classes in Balance Studio.

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